Michelle’s Model Squad

What is Michelle’s Model Squad?

This program is commonly referred to as a senior representative program. It is an awesome way to get senior portraits taken of yourself, while spreading the word about my photography business.
This is an awesome way to establish yourself as a leader in your community, getting unique portraits taken while being a spokesperson for From A Different Angle Photography.


1. The applicant must be a high school senior graduating in 2022
2. Applicants must live or go to high school within a 60 mile radius of Moberly.
3. You must exclusively agree to book with From A Different Angle Photography by Michelle Greenwell
4. Have a parent/legal guardian sign a contract and model release

The best candidates are

1. Outgoing & energetic about talking about their senior portrait experience
2. Interested in being in the front of the camera
3. Active on social media
4. Have a parent/legal guardian sign a contract and model release
5. Is a role model among their peers


1. First come, first serve on session dates
2. Themed group photoshoot in the spring (number of applicants will be dependent on how many are at the shoot or how we break up into groups)
3. Regular Senior Session
4. Every session you refer you will get a $30 gift card and a $30 print credit
Other perks to be shared at the inquiry meeting

What Happens Once I Apply?

1. Once the application deadline period is over then I will go through all applicants to make sure that they qualify
2. All qualified applications when then be invited to a meeting. The date to be determined by the photographer
3. Attending this meeting is mandatory to participating in this program to ensure that it is everything is understood